Rawashen .. Fourth Dimension of the Poetry

We want to bring life back to poetry

Poetry is among the first arts recorded in Arabic, and the most ancient literature preserved by history over hundreds of years. It is still alive among us, hiding behind hundreds of faces, passing through social media networks and the rest pages of newspapers and magazines. We can hardly find a book of modern poetry in the hands of a reader nowadays.

In Rawashen, we adopt publishing poetry books and whatever related to poetry only.

• You will contribute to discover poetry that has not been able to reach the light.

• We will reproduce poetry issues that did not have a convenient chance to emerge in the era of technology.

• Through your support, we will be able to bring poetry back to the literary scene, both Arab and international.

?What are we going to do

• Stage 1: Create an online business management platform, promote the idea, and communicate with poets and readers.

• Stage 2: Issuing and printing papers and electronic poetry books working on various operating systems.

• Stage 3: Providing Rawashen publications in book fairs, outlets and electronic stores.

• Stage 4: Translating and transferring poetry from other languages into Arabic in successive versions.

We will work hard to achieve our goals ensure that the plan is implemented clearly, and to maximize the funding available for high-quality cultural and artistic work, so as to ensure profitability for business sustainability.

The project model depends on three methods of publishing:

1. Adopting the submitted books to be published through Rawashen within a specific mechanism of action.

2. Providing a sponsor for publishing the book according to specific requirements.

3. Issuing the book at the expense of the writer with a competitive prices and low cost.


The absence of risk is an illusion. There is no doubt that visions and ambitious projects face great challenges. Success begins by understanding these challenges and persevering in discovering innovative solutions to overcome them.

• Taking advantage of the technology in publishing our creative products and reaching the reader.

• Taking advantage of the impact of social media to support institutional work in the project.

• Producing paper books with easy-to-store sizes (A5, A6) and an artistic visual identity that encourages acquisition.

We appreciate your support!

 You can support us in these ways as well:

• Share the website link on your social networks accounts.

• Tell your friends, your family, coworkers, and who you know are interested in poetry and creative projects, about the project.

• Tell us about people you think they want to support the project.

• Share your suggestions about work.. We welcome innovative and creative ideas!

– Contact Us –

 whatsapp & calls: +971549960800

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